Saturday, April 7, 2012

Down On The Boardwalk

Being Saturday and the day before Easter,
Jason and I opted to go grab a bite to eat.
But we didn't want to go just anywhere....
we wanted to have a dining experience!

The restaurant itself isn't elegant, the food is good and satisfying, but not particularly incredible. But the view...the view is spectacular! Look at the gentleman to the right, he was eating lobster...I love how I have a shot of him in mid-bite, so enjoying his food!

Just outside the restaurant is a small boardwalk, overlooking the ocean. We left just as dusk was settling in and the ocean was at high-tide. Thank goodness for iPhones, as I didn't bring my camera (as usual) and the phone has a decent-enough camera. I saw our shadows and thought it would make for an interesting photo.

The beauty of the ocean is breathtaking! Especially on the eve of Easter...

God's perfect beauty...

An unsuspecting cactus hidden in the dunes...

Houses on the beach...can you imagine?

The restaurant.

Palm elegant and perfect on the coast.

We sat and watched the breaking of the waves. The skies are blue, the wind whipping about...

A random beach-estate on the ride home.

But are they happy??!!

Ha, ha...I'll bet they are!

But do they have a cozy little home with a sweet little dog to greet them when they walk through the door?

I wouldn't trade a thing in my life...God's plan is perfectly perfect for me!

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