Tuesday, February 28, 2012

bright felt love.

Surprise! I'm in a doll-making mode these days. And if dolls are to be made, then this stuff is extremely important...

Wool felt.

It's delicious! High-quality, durable and sturdy wool felt!

It's used for hair, clothing, shoes...

The possibilities are endless!

I'm putting the finishing touches on several dolls, having just finished one of their cute little reversible dresses. I'm looking forward to sharing the dollies in their pretty dresses...

But first, we await a bright and sunny Florida day. Regionally-speaking, the skies have been rather "Buffalo-ish" here in recent days.

And we can't take photos of sunny dolls on dreary Buffalo days!

If you're inclined to order some lovely felt, here's a link to where I ordered my felt...Retro Mama! She's currently having a sale on her felt and patterns, just enter LEAP15 at the checkout and you'll receive 15% off your order (it figures I just missed out on this promo!).

Go, be amazed at the colors. I highly recommend this shop!

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