Monday, August 22, 2011

thinking of bridges.

I've always thought of bridges as a means of taking me somewhere...the connector to a destination. I grew up on an island, the same island our Dad and his mother, our grandmother, grew up on. When Grandma was a little girl, they'd have to ride the Ferry across the river when they wanted to take a trip to the big city. I imagine that took planning and some precise time-management to take a trip. Once the bridge was built, the "islanders" were free to leave the island without having to rely on the Ferry, weather and other obstacles.

Today, I started thinking about bridges. Yes, bridges lead us. But they also take us away. Away from what was once a destination and now, to a different place.

I'm not sure what's ahead of me, but I know that a bridge is waiting to lead me to a different place; not necessarily a "better" destination, just a different one. I'm OK with that. And if I'm meant to stay "put," I'm fine with that, too. I have faith, confidence, that when my mission is finished, God will show me a bridge and I'll cross it over to my next destination.

For now, I'll sing my midnight songs.

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