Saturday, April 9, 2011

time for new pajamas!

Forever Plaid!
We all have a favorite pair of jammies.

Mine happen to be a pair of blue flannel plaid. Pants that I've been wearing for about 10 years…they’re disintegrating, but I couldn’t face that sad fact. I cringe at the thought of tossing out my favorite pajamas, but they've been mended, patched and re-sewn so many times, their time has finally come.

Yes, those are the jammies in the photo.

And since spring is a time of new beginnings, perhaps it's time to make a new pair of pajama pants using my old plaid pair as a pattern. It shouldn't be too difficult, should it?

I'm going to use the instructions at Sew 4 Home  to make my new pair. If all sews well, they should fit just as well as the old pair!

If you sew, why don't you join me in making yourself a nice new pair of summer pjs? The process looks pretty easy and what a great way to get some jammies that fit like your old faithful pair...

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